DSLR camera courses

Example of camera type
and manual setting required
Example of camera type and manual setting required

This course is suited to those with DSLR and Compact cameras with manual settings (A,P,S & M)

Through detailed instruction, tuition and practical exercises participants will learn and understand:

COMPOSITION: Understand the concepts to give your photos depth and structure.

HISTOGRAMS: Learn how to read histograms.

DEPTH OF FIELD: Understand and learn how to control depth of field.

FLASH: How and when to use flash and natural light.

FOCUS: Simple tips to avoid those blurred and fuzzy shots.

SHUTTER AND APERTURE: Learn in detail the different functions of each of these components.

MANUAL SETTING: The functions of aperture and shutter are explained so you’ll be able to use your camera on manual and get correct exposures.

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