About Rosey Boehm

A professional photographer since 1990, I have been conducting digital photography workshops for individuals and government departments since 2005.

My photographic experience:

  • working as a press photographer with the Adelaide Advertiser;
  • capturing people and events at national and international conferences;
  • being employed as Venue Photo Manager at the 2006 Commonwealth Games, Sydney 2000 Olympic Games and the Rugby World Cup in Adelaide in 2003;
  • undertaking corporate work for government, businesses as well as for small community organisations;

For the past 15 years I have operated my own photography business, with projects ranging from pamphlets to magazines, calendars to websites, intimate gatherings to grand functions.

Digital Photography Courses

I have been conducting the very successful ‘Better Digital Photography’ workshops to government, corporations and community groups for over 4 years. Participation in this course offers a unique hands-on experience and is designed to suit your specific needs. Working in a small group (max 6) participants learn about camera settings, composition, focus and flash.

Project Coordinator

In 2006 I coordinated the 8-week community based project, involving an intensive photographic training program for the eleven participants with the culmination of a highly successful public exhibition at the Adelaide Town Hall.


‘Home’ – Boehm Family Exhibition – Natimuk Frinj Festival 2007
Curator and exhibitor – 4 Generations of family photographers

‘Flesh Out’ – Adelaide 2001
‘Sweetie’ – Adelaide 1998
‘Under Exposed’ – Adelaide 1999

Community – Volunteering & Sponsorship

Sponsor – UNIFEM International Women’s Day & event photographer 1996 – 2010
Visual Arts Committee – Feast Festival 2006 – 09
Freelancers Committee – Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance 2006 – 09

(+30) 6986 026 497